Sensational Highlife Act Stanzyy Set To Release New Single ‘Mama’ To Celebrate Mothers Worldwide

When it comes to the Nigerian entertainment industry, talent, hardwork, persistence and grace are vital factors that are needed for the recognition and acknowledgement of a budding act. These virtues are characteristics that this O’Town talented highlife artiste Stanzyy possess.

From the release of his debut track Hustle to his last single Eyez, the music sensation has not held back in dishing out good music. In anticipation of his latest single Mama which premieres on March 9 and was recorded in appreciation of all mothers world wide, he grants this interview.

Below is the interview……

Good day Mr. Stanzyy. It’s nice to have you here once again. How has life been with you?

I thank God. Lately, he has been so good to me and my family.

That’s great. You sound elated. Any eventful happening you would like to share with us?

Well, this year is shaping up to be a great year for me. People might not understand exactly what I am talking about but all I can say is that, this is a new Stanzyy.

That is very motivational. A very mighty no to negativity this year. How has the music front been so far this year?

Well, I wanted to wait till I am ready this year to give a major push and the time is now. I am ready so we start off the year with “Mama”.

The title sounds very intriguing. Can you tell us the inspiration behind that?

It is simply, that aside God’s love, motherly love is the best. Let me quickly say this, my mum inspired this one.

That’s true. Mums are indeed the best. Does your mum know about the track about to be dropped in her honour?

No doubt. Well, she does of course because I definitely can’t do without her prayers.

Right. There is a saying that Mums prayers keep the world moving. The release coincides with the International Women’s month. Was that planned?

No my brother. It is the Lords doing. Believe me, it wasn’t planned at all.

It really is. Can you tell us a little bit of what to expect on the song?

Well, you all should expect a song that would make you appreciate our mothers the more.

There has been news that you featured someone on the track. Is that true?

Yeah. Well, allow me to introduce to you all to Ella Dessy. I met her in the studio, heard a bit of what she has done and then it happened. She has a magical voice.

With this description, we really can’t wait to hear this track?

Tomorrow. You all just have to wait a little bit.

Mr. Stanzyy, during your last interview, you spoke about dropping a song called “Amara”. Will that come after the release of “Mama”?

Yes oo. Been on “Amara” for about a year now, all is done with that one, after “Mama” I think “Amara” follows. I am working, trust me.

That’s nice. You’ve been promising a video release for a while now. Are we going to see one this year?

Oh yeah, expect that this year, any moment from now. We are ready this year.

Which of your tracks is getting the video?

That should be “Eyez” for now.

Alright. There has been rumours that you currently have an affiliation with an entertainment outfit. Can you enlighten us on that?

Well, I can’t go on waiting for a top notch label to come push me, so I decided to run my things myself in affiliation with my brother. Emperor Louis Entertainment has its management based in Thailand, it is a family thing. So yeah, we are working on my brand together.

That’s awesome.

Thank you.

Last year, you told us that you would be due for graduation in 2018 which is this year. Right?

Yes ooo. That dream is coming to pass, I am leaving school by the end of August to the glory of God, so I can face my music and other things.

Nice. We all know final years at school can be very hectic. How are you combining that with music?

Well, I have someone who covers up for me most times in school when I am not around, but it is all good. I am doing my bit.

Alright. So Mr. Stanzyy, after graduation, are you fully going into music?


We look forward to that. It’s really been nice having you here once again.

Thank you very much.

As usual, can you drop a word for your fans and music lovers?

Well, all I can tell all my fans around the world is that I promise to work harder this year than I ever have done in previous years. I assure them of a great 2018 and most importantly thanks to them for the endless support and love. It is amazing and I am forever indebted to you all. One love.

Once again, thanks for stopping by, Mr. Stanzyy. We wish you a blissful year.

Always, thanks.

To connect Stanzyy on social media,
Twitter/IG: IamStanzyy
Facebook: Stanley Stanzyy Louis

Listen to his previous singles here

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