Prominent Haitian journalist Roberson Alphonse in stable condition following assassination attempt

A well-known Haitian journalist is in stable condition after his car was riddled with bullets in an assassination attempt on Tuesday, a director at the radio station where he works said.

Roberson Alphonse, who hosts a popular morning show on radio station Magik9, was on his way to work when assailants fired more than a dozen shots at his car, according to newspaper Le Nouvelliste, where Alphonse also works.

“I just spoke with Roberson Alphonse after his tenth operation of the day,” Magik9 Director Frantz Duval wrote on Twitter. “He is stable.”

It was not immediately clear who was responsible.

Gangs are currently blockading a key Haitian fuel terminal, leaving the country without gasoline and diesel, and leading to dire shortages of food and clean drinking water, just as the country is facing an outbreak of cholera.

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