Norwegian police arrest two men over Oslo gay bar shooting

People bring flowers and rainbow flags to pay tribute to the victims as they take part in a spontaneous Pride parade, following a shooting at the London Pub, a popular gay bar and nightclub, after the official event was cancelled, in Oslo, Norway.

Norwegian police said on Monday two men had been arrested on Sunday on suspicion of involvement in a mass shooting that killed two people and wounded 21 in and around an Oslo gay bar in June.

A Somali citizen in his 40s and a Norwegian one in his 30s, each with prior involvement in criminal activity, were arrested by police on Sunday, Oslo police said in a statement.

Only one suspect, named by police as Zaniar Matapour, was arrested at the scene of the June 25 shooting, while an international arrest warrant has been issued for a fourth suspect.

Police last week said its hypothesis that the shooting was an act of terrorism had been strengthened during its investigation.

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