At least fourteen dead as passenger boat capsizes in northern Brazil

A passenger boat carrying 70 people in Brazil’s northern region sank on Thursday, leaving at least 14 people dead and several still unaccounted for, officials said.

The speedboat had departed from Marajo island in the northern state of Para and was heading for the state capital of Belem, the country’s navy said in a statement, adding it was searching for those who are still missing.

State firefighters added in a separate statement that 30 people had been rescued so far and that a helicopter and other boats were helping in the search.

It also said the boat did not have authorization to transport passengers on the intercity waterway, and it had started the journey from an illegal port.

Meanwhile, civil police have started an investigation on the accident, the statement added.

“The Civil Police is adopting all appropriate measures, within its attributions, to investigate and criminally hold those responsible for it.”

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