Rebel With A Cause: Nigerian controversial culinary expert, Tunde Wey shuts Lagos down on December 20

Things are about to change in the Lagos food scene as controversial Nigerian chef Tunde Wey returns home to celebrate The African Scramble, a special issue of Sandwich Magazine by New York-based condiment brand Sir Kensington’s. Wey, author of the cover story and Guest Editor of the magazine (alongside food writer Ruth Gebreyesus), uses his platform to discuss issues such as class disparities, racism, and other social issues. Wey and Gebreyesus will curate this once-in-a-lifetime event amidst the production of their upcoming docu-series Hard To Swallow.

At the iconic event scheduled for Sunday, December 20, 2020, in Lagos, attendees will be treated to great food, drinks, music and conversations about the economic and social segregation between the privileged and working classes in Lagos. Attendees will represent a cross-section of classes, with everyone granted access to the same festivities without bias.

Tunde Wey is no stranger to these gatherings. Featured in GQ, Time Magazine, NY Times, Apartmento, and The Washington Post, Wey’s dinners are considered political performance art. Some examples of his work include charging black and white customers different prices to mirror wealth disparity in America, and selling white people $100 boxes of salt as reparations.

The theme of this special “take-over issue” is neocolonialism and its effect on countries like Nigeria. Wey and Gebreyesus will play host for a night that will challenge guests to reconsider the source of Nigeria’s underdevelopment as neocolonial exploitation rather than internal incompetence. Expect stimulating conversations mixed with small chops, champagne.

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