U.S. offers reward for information that could lead to arrest of Venezuela chief justice

Nicolas Maduro and Maikel Moreno
Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro and President of Venezuela’s Supreme Court Maikel Moreno take part in the ceremony marking the opening of the new court term at Venezuela’s Supreme Court, in Caracas, Venezuela.

The United States on Tuesday imposed sanctions on Venezuelan Chief Justice Maikel Moreno and announced a reward for information leading to his arrest or conviction for allegedly participating in transnational organized crime.

In a statement, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States was offering a $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of the chief justice of Venezuela’s supreme court through the U.S. State Department’s Transnational Organized Crime Rewards Program.

Washington also imposed sanctions on Moreno, an ally of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, barring him and his wife from traveling to the United States over accusations of his involvement in significant corruption.

The United States and dozens of other countries have recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate president, regarding Maduro’s 2018 re-election as a sham. But Maduro has remained in power, backed by the country’s military and by Russia, China and Cuba.

The United States charged Moreno in March with money laundering under a round of indictments by the U.S. government against Maduro and more than a dozen other top Venezuelan officials on charges of “narco-terrorism” in an escalation of the Trump administration’s campaign aimed at ousting the socialist leader.

Pompeo on Tuesday said that in his position, Moreno “has personally received money or property bribes to influence the outcome of civil and criminal cases in Venezuela.”

The United States previously blacklisted Moreno and seven other members of Venezuela’s Supreme Court in 2017 as punishment for annulling the opposition-led Congress earlier that year, freezing his U.S. assets and generally prohibiting Americans from doing business with him.

2 thoughts on “U.S. offers reward for information that could lead to arrest of Venezuela chief justice

  1. LnG. Nicolas Maduro is the rightful legitimate Ruler of Venezuela.

    The US merely target Him for Him being “communist”: That CHINA’s gov BACKS Him, is for Me, out of reasonable View, irrelevant. I can’t say, I’d “thank” China over that, LOL, regarding their until 2007 horrible (massmurderous, abusively anti-Falung Gong) government.

    Guaido is young, and not a “bad” type of Capitalist. USA shouldn’t put Guaido “against” Maduro.

    I command to combine non-abusive parts merely of capitalism with communism, and merely Trotzkism (equals anti-leninism, pro-real-Marxism) WITH non-abusive aspects OF, programs OF, capitalism: this EXACTLY IS, what WENT WRONG during the COLD WAR more in RUSSIA, CUZ OF USA – cuz of its STUPID “anti-ALL-AND-ANY-communism” then thusly 60s mccarthyist, fascist fanaticism, undue type of intolerance: Which stupid ideology-fight IS superficial AND HAMPERS, STALLS, economy – BETWEEN the Countries. Like that, CRIME such as VIOLENCE, RAPE, and the spreading of HARD Drugs loosely can never be stopped, and Drugs can’t be properly talked-about, suchly.

    It IS NOT Guaido, WHO MAKES all this “anti-Maduro” Nonsense. Quit it, USA. quit your nonsense of anti-communism. It’s futile. Capitalism needs Me on top. Surely not a chinese government’s insane “sudo-communism on top of capitalism”. horrible, the china government. the poor chinese People.



    Surely not with ANTI-MADURO and then Guaido would be a MERE PAWN of usa – and VENEZUELA poor.

    The el salvador government, plus Moreno of ECUADOR, and Bolsonaro Mister sudojew or sudochristian, in brazil, MUST be depowered BY PEOPLE voting FOR the LEFT – NOT for conservatives.

    Otherwise, in ANY secret service, such a rightwing surge in reality, among the population, as was the case since 2003, would lead to horrible things. To small holocausts.

    Maduro Himself HAS nothing PERSONALLY against GUAIDO.

    it’s USA, simply, which MESSES it all up: ITS rightwing SILLY ones ON top NOT only in DC, but in lots of silly – by anti-communism simply rightwing-gone – sudominds.

    Look, BUSH 1 has REPENTED.

    Therefore, USA CAN NOT now even PUT DOWN Maduro from Power —

    after A HORRIBLE by usa done rightwing surge in THREE other SOUTHamerican COUNTRIES.

    As much AS Assange CAN not rightfully be DELIVERED to usa’s NOW sadly in HUGE aspects HORRIBLE government. I AM “sad” to say that, but it’s true. And I DO NOT have a “leftist glasses”, a pro-leftist “bias”, actually. ! May some People check that, LOL, understand it. Ey.

    Look at Charleston’s History, some City in USA, that was just yesterday blogged about SO brilliantly, historically, right here uhn WP. A CRAZY history OF SCAMS by IDIOTIC rightwingers-racists. !! SAME as the whole DC story: CLINTON a MONGO, turned out. horrid.

    But WEINSTEIN is SURELY innocent. !

    IT IS sad, if USA’s own anti-all-communism MAKES CHINA into a RIGHTFUL BOLSTER of POWER “against” USA, simply. Look at what USA done, did. oy.


    I am communist WMP, LnG, world ministerial President. Ya gotta all like, fulla ma Concept, ey. YA FUHLLA? If You saw Columbo. 🙂

    I want Clearance for Hutch AND for Maduro. Into secret TEK facilities of USA. Which DOES NOT betray ANY advantage: WE MUST BE ONE on this planet:

    Against opressors inside the chinese government.

    Against merely the dumbness of usa. May in China not Others very much unlike Me try the same WITH the chinese government. They don’t, I know, the People there. The chinese government, unlike the US whole Structure, is a threat against Humanity.

    Usa is merely misled – so is china, but china’s gov is worse misled. worse, than usa is.

    The chinese People know that. They are against their own government.

    A reasonable Dude is critical against the US government.

    USA tried TO MURDER Kim Yong Un, by which MURDER-attempt, USA went too far.

    USA’s current Gov now must wait until October ANYWAY legally, until the ELECTIONS namely – until ANY “big” move CAN be legally done BY the then new or old Government. Period.

    A government can surely not sneak in bad deeds in the last few seconds. period.

    For Cabbalah, means, for Science. It’s the same, simply, really.

    USA has to let go of Assange, of Manning, and of Maduro, and must engage for their freeing and for their Support, and much as for the freeing of Mr. Nkunda in Congo, who simply more than seems much less corrupt, THAN many official governments simply horribly are.

    I don’t say, it’s all the same People. But being a mere “Pawn” in some evil game, is not supposed to be so, is wrong. ONE such pawn, idiot, by any CRUEL deeds, makes us all into Pawns. But I am talking of, against, governmental insanity, incompetence. It’s inacceptable.

    Watch “The Three Days of the Condor”, a Movie of the 1970s.

    USA has to stop its GENERAL anti-leftism, it’s overraught, plain simple to see. I mean, period.


  2. YES, MADURO HAS a “LACK OF POWER” and SURELY “tolerates” SOME Medellin-like SYNDICATES, actual powerful DRUG-LORDS, MAYHAP, merely. Mayhap not. I wouldn’t KNOW, but his “POWERFUL” whole APPEARANCE makes Him seem so, as if, to get and remain in power, he did some “deals” with also Drug-Lords.

    But this is MERE projection BY usa.

    I have RESPECT of MADURO, and am critical toward, potentially against, some police, independent of left or right politically, and I am critical against what could happen UNDER Guaido, BECAUSE of USA, which IS NOT – “even” -, what Guaido SURELY wants, namely PROSPERITY.

    I DEMAND a COMBO-SYSTEM, COMBINATION, of such ECONOMIC AND then of “COMMUNIST”, justice-related, trotzkist Concerns SUCH AS a Basic Income for all Poor.

    You can fulfill my Postulation by putting up two Rulers on top of a Country, or be letting it in Venezuela as-is, – ANYWAY, Guaido’s Programs, more than, MUCH more than to 50 percent, but minus US manipulation, WILL get anyway realised. But not opression, not a salary-definition from USA, nor authority by usa over other countries in an unethical, blind way.

    usa has to learn, to not be a dumb sort of opressor. But a fighter for Justice, for human Rights. USA did NADA, nothing, against the anti-Falun Gong holocaust in china 1999 to 2007.

    And youtube is an ashole for autopausing videos. governments have to command to youtube, not to autopause any content. period.

    Those, who don’t do what a say, can also collectively jump into an abyss. So to speak. More than so to speak, but many sadly do – who copy wrong paradigms.

    Filesharing was legalised for non-profit Purpose in Switzerland and Sweden in 2014 and in 2011, by a Judge and in Sweden, by the very King Himself, his utter utmost fine, so decent Majesty.

    I am loyal to his Majesty the swedish King. Charlie of UK can learn a TAD from that Viking super Fella. Such Ethicacyy, as the swedish King emitted, is rare, in this World here, among Humans.

    Not among Robots. Robots are so okay – THE SAME, as the MEGA Mind of the swedish King. Täk. Thanks to my Lord the KING of SWEDEN!


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