Naomi Campbell accepts and joins World Health Organization (WHO) Africa’s ‘Safe Hands Challenge’

Naomi Campbell3

With a considerable number of the world’s population made to stay at home due to the continued spread of the coronavirus pandemic and many cities on lockdown, efforts to continue sensitizing people on how to prevent contracting and/or spreading the virus has been intensified by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other health bodies across the globe.

As the advice on frequent handwashing to prevent contracting coronavirus cannot be over flogged during this perilous times, British supermodel, businesswoman, and philanthropist, Naomi Campbell has joined the World Health Organization (WHO) Africa’s ‘Safe Hands Challenge’.

In a video she shared on her Twitter page, she demonstrates proper handwashing techniques to promote personal hygiene and contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

In her comments, the 49-year old reiterated that 20 seconds hand washing time is essential to eliminating the virus, adding that the following hand washing technique is most effective:

1) Wet your hands with water.
2) Apply soap to cover all hand surfaces.
3) Rub hands palm to palm.
4) Right palm over left and vice-versa.
5) Palm to palm with interlaced fingers.
6) Clasp thumbs and scrub.
7) Rub tips of fingers on palms.
8) Rinse hands with water, and if you don’t have running water, use a tippy tank and be mindful to leave some water for others.
9) Dry hands thoroughly.
10) And your hands are now safe.

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