Eleven killed as skydiving plane crashes in Hawaii

Hawaii plane crash
Debris from the plane lies on the ground near a fence surrounding Dillingham Airfield in Hawaii.

Eleven passengers and crew were killed on Friday evening when their plane crashed near an airfield in Hawaii, authorities said, during a skydiving trip.

The twin-engine King Air plane, with eleven people onboard, went down soon after takeoff from Dillingham Airfield and there were no survivors, the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) said.

The fire service said the aircraft was engulfed in flames when fire crews arrived. “We are still gathering information as to the intent of the flight and what they were doing,” Honolulu Fire Department Chief Manuel Neves told a news conference.

The plane was on a skydiving excursion and the Federal Aviation Administration would investigate the crash.

The HDOT said Federal inspectors are continuing to investigate the cause of the crash.

Dillingham is a joint-use airfield operated by the HDOT under a 25-year lease from the U.S. army, according to its website.

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