This Nigerian girl went on her first ski trip and came home with life lessons

I refuse to be average. That’s the motto I walked into the New year with.

This year will be all about keeping an open mindset, trying new things and educating myself outdoors. And that’s how I booked a ski trip for the first time in my life. I went all the way to Winterberg Germany to engage in a sport that I have never done in my life. I just knew that my first trip of 2019 must be packed with adventure, fun and leaving my comfort zone.

The small town in Germany called Winterberg is in the Western state of North rhine-westphalia. Winterberg is a Winter Resort that is normally very packed during the winter because is known for ski slopes and very awesome Mountain views. it’s a very beautiful town.

I first arrived at the ski resort very bright and early on Friday morning and already the place was packed. I was immediately directed to the ski rental shop. it wasn’t until after I received this equipment that it dawned on me that I was actually going to do this. I wore my ski boots which is honestly the stiffest and most uncomfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, then i headed to the slopes with excitement and a bit of fear in my heart.

Before this trip, I viewed skiing as a ‘white people’ sport. But I was pleased to meet people of all races during my trip who showed my how humbling the sport can be. I was able to also take home some life lessons. Lessons which I am very pleased to share. Just like real life, in skiing you never stop learning. Every run is an opportunity to change the way you do something and every mountain is a place that holds a new experience.

3 Life Lessons that Skiing Has Taught Me

1. Make the best out of any situation especially the unexpected one

After paying a lot of money to do Ski, the last thing you should do is not enjoy the experience because the weather conditions aren’t exactly to your liking. One the first day of my Ski trip, it was raining but there was still enough snow to Ski. People just carried on like the weather was perfect. I was about to wait by a shade until the drizzling subsided even though everyone else was having so much fun on the slopes. But then i realized, its only rain, a little bit of water won’t hurt anybody, so I joined everyone on the slopes. For this reason, skiing has taught me how to be more easy-going and enjoy something for all it is worth instead of letting something bother me that really shouldn’t.

2. Everything is up to YOU

Even though skiing can be a group activity, at the end of the day you are the only one who can get yourself down the mountain. When you are at the top of a hill, the only thing to do is take a deep breath, believe in yourself, and push off. Nothing makes people fall more than being too cautious and acting all nervous. Taking a leap of faith is not just about believing in yourself, but it also means being independent and standing your ground solo.

3. The only option is to get back up when you fall

I got lessons from an instructor who taught me all the run postures, how to control my speed and brake or go faster. I wouldn’t call me self a pro just yet but I was more confident as I handled the slopes. Nevertheless, I fell about 12 times. And every time I fell, I would slowly begin to move my body to check for broken parts because honestly I always fell in an awkward angle. However, I always got back up. No matter how scary it is, the only way to get down a mountain is to make yourself. Even experts fall down sometimes. I didn’t stop trying whenever I fell and just like real life I don’t let a temporary setback make me stop trying. Trust me, there is nothing more gratifying than making it down a challenging run and looking back up the trail that you just successfully skied down.

The world seems different when looking at it from the top of a mountain. Maybe it’s the quick altitude change or the lack of oxygen up there, but I feel refreshed, energized, and humbled after viewing our world from up high. I wonder whats next on my Drip List, can’t wait to see where my adventures take me next.

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