Happy Birthday To CEO JF Apparel Emalda Umerie

Like a rollercoaster,

Life takes everyone up and down,

Testing the inner strength of humans,

Like the waves test a ship,

Calm at noon,

Tumultous before sunrise,

Yet through the blabket of darkness,

A lone star blazes its light,

Bringing home to the sailor at sea,

Sending love to the newly wed.

Tributes are for the mighty,

Eulogies are for the brave,

But out of the depth of my being,

I put my thoughts to words,

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You light up the world with a smile,

Bringing hope where none exists,

Though I tread a thousand miles away,

Your thoughts are a pivot,

May you remain fulfilled in all,

And keep moving from strength to strength,


From: Someone who really cares

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