Four dead, six injured in Ibadan multiple auto crash

An early morning multiple car accidents on Tuesday involving seven vehicles has left four dead and six injured at the Ibadan / Oyo expressway, Ibadan.

The accident which occurred at the junction of Aba-Odo was said to have been caused by poor visibility as a result of heavy fog on the highway.

The driver of a truck with Registration Number JIGAWA GML 85XX, died along with his passenger. The truck had its head severed from its body and mangled beyond repairs, and so was the Micro cab.

At the scene, a combined team of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) led by the Sector Commander for Oyo State, Mrs Cecilia Alao, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and men of Nigeria Police Force, were met at the scene, carrying out rescue operation.

The Sector Commander of FRSC in the state, Mrs Cecilia Alao, also attributed the accident to heavy fog and overspeeding.

Mrs Alao said, “From what we heard, it was due to the fog in the morning. There was heavy fog in the morning and one of the vehicles in front had an issue.

“The ones coming from behind did not know. They didn’t see the front and we can’t separate it from the fact that some of them were on top speed. They were speeding, so they couldn’t apply their brakes on time.

“Seven vehicles were involved, comprising four trailers, one bus and two small cars. Six people were injured and they were taken to the hospital while four people died, three male and one female.”

The FRSC boss said the accident could have been avoided and advised motorists to be careful while driving.

She added that, “We always emphasised caution when driving. When you cannot see your front clearly, you should not speed such that if anything happens, you’ll be able to manoeuvre or apply your brake and stop before you hit what is in front of you.

“People should obey all rules and regulations when the weather is not friendly.”

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