Iraqi forces capture ISIS ‘White Beard’ executioner Abu Omer

Islamic State’s White Beard executioner has been captured by Iraqi forces in Mosul after locals ratted him out.

The killer, identified as Abu Omer, was one of the terror group’s fearsome henchmen and was renowned for stoning people to death.

His arrest was confirmed on Friday by civilians who told the authorities where they believed the ISIS enforcer was hiding out.

The terror group has been practically flushed out of Mosul, though some remain underground.

Fewer than 1,000 ISIS fighters are now said to be in Syria and Iraq combined, having once held large parts of the two countries’ major cities.

The hideouts for the likes of Omer are wearing thin, according to AhlulBayt News Agency, and cities like Mosul are now facing the mammoth task of rebuilding.

In March 2015, chilling images emerged of three men accused of homosexuality and blasphemy being forced to their knees and publicly beheaded by a sword-wielding Islamic State executioner.

Photographs of the barbaric murders showed the blindfolded men kneeling in the centre of what appears to be a traffic roundabout with a crowd of people looking on as a masked executioner stands by with a long, rusty blade.

After an elderly man uses a microphone to read to the crowd from his notes, the executioner then steps forward with the blade poised above the men’s heads in the unnamed city in northern Iraq.

That elderly man appears to be Omer.

While nearly three million Iraqis have returned to lands reclaimed from the militants, more than 3 million others cannot and remain languishing in camps.

In Mosul alone the UN estimates 40,000 homes need to be rebuilt or restored, with about 600,000 residents unable to return to a city which was once home to around 2 million people.

About $100 billion is required to rebuild Mosul and other areas of northern and western Iraq after three years of war devastated much of the area, the Iraqi government has said.

The money is especially needed in Mosul, where hardly a single building is intact for more than two miles along the western bank of the Tigris River.

Officials have warned of a rebirth of militancy if the cash is not forthcoming.

The warren of narrow streets of Mosul’s Old City is a crumpled landscape of broken concrete, metal and other debris. Every acre is weighed down by more than 3,000 tons of rubble, much of it laced with explosives and unexploded ordnance.

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