Two African students expelled for assaulting Caucasian student over a female in Zambian boarding school

Two students of a reputable Zambian school have been expelled after a very disturbing video of them ganging up and beating a Caucasian student at their school has sent shock waves across the country and sparked outrage globally.

The boys, who are students at Chengelo School in Mkushi, Zambia, beat their Caucasian hostel mate mercilessly over a girl.

The victim, whose name is Gawen Powell, is popularly known in his school as Justin Bieber because of his good looks and he has a lot of the girls vying for his attention. This allegedly angered some guys and they brutally assaulted him in their dorm room last Friday.

In the video, the bullies – Jabulani Nhliziyo and Mwila Hara – are seen attacking Gawen after they held him hostage in their room. They flogged him with a belt, punched him several times, slapped him, kicked him violently and threw him across the room.

While all this was going on, other students stayed on their beds watching the attack. It was later that one of the students intervened and tried to stop the assault but it continued even after that.

The video sparked massive outrage all over the world with people calling for the bullies to be disciplined. Photos of Gawen taken after the abuse shows his body covered in angry red welts.

Meanwhile, Gawen Powell’s father, Luke Powell says the family does not wish to pursue criminal matters against the perpetrators. He says his family has forgiven the bullies and hopes the perpetrators will be forgiven unconditionally.
Jabulani Nhliziyo, one of the bullies, issued an apology for his actions. He said he deeply regrets his actions and intends to get professional counseling.

Chengelo School authorities issued a statement about the incident. The school said they regret the incident and went on to outline steps that will be taken to ensure there’s no repeat of such. The two bullies have since been expelled.

Below is the full statement released by the school.

It is with deep regret that we acknowledge the recent incident that took place here at Chengelo School on Friday evening. This extreme case of assault and the conduct of all those involved leaves us all saddened and appalled by the conduct of our own students.

The School Management and Board of Governors are dealing with the case in line with our own safeguarding policies. In doing so the school has spoken to all of the parents of students involved in the incident as well as senior police authorities and legal advisors to ensure that all appropriate procedures are followed.

We wish to assure all of our parents and the public that such behaviour is not and will not be tolerated here at Chengelo. As soon as school resumes after half-term we will be working with all our students to reaffirm the school’s values and ethos. We will also be strengthening our education programs that specifically deal with bullying and ensure we honor our commitment to providing a safe environment for all.

The school will be holding a specific parent meeting here at Chengelo on Sunday 15th October at 13:00 hours to listen to your concerns and review the policies which have governed how this case has been handled.

If you would like further information then please do not hesitate to contact the Principal on

Andrew Cowling
Chengelo School

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