Five injured as explosion rocks Tower Hill Metro Station in London

An explosion has hit London Tower Hill Metro Station injuring at least five people. This triggered panic resulting in a stampede from the station.
The explosion took place on a District Line train heading to Ealing Broadway from east London and reportedly was due to a battery pack.

The explosion led to the closure of the station following which the emergency officials started the rescue operation. A fire alert was also issued.

Murtaza Ali Shah, a reporter for Pakistan’s Geo News, was in the same carriage as the explosion.

He told “There was panic all around, women and men were screaming, there was astampede for a brief moment in which passengers piled on each other.

“Many thought there was a knife or bucket attack like the one on the Parsons Green tube.”

A spokesman for British Transport Police told : “We are currently on the scene alongside the London Fire Brigade, after responding to a fire alert on the District Line. Officers remain at the scene and it is not yet clear if there are any injuries.”

This is the second incident of an explosion during the same month.

Earlier, on September 16, a home-made bomb on a packed rush-hour commuter train in London engulfed a carriage in flames and injured 29 people but apparently failed to fully explode, in Britain’s fifth major terrorism incident this year.

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