Police arrest woman for raising false alert on British Airways flight at Charles de Gaulle airport in France

An aerial view showing the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France.

Police said a security alert on a British Airways plane in Paris on Sunday was a false alarm.

Passengers were evacuated from Flight BA303 at Charles de Gaulle airport before it was due to fly to London for what officials said was a security reason.

A woman was arrested for reportedly claiming the plane was going to explode after she was refused access to the plane.

The flight was surrounded by police and emergency services as it was held on the tarmac at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris after the alleged false claim on Sunday morning.

Passengers were evacuated from the plane, with many taking to social media to give updates on the situation.

Sniffer dogs checked the plane and found no threat, police said as they lifted the alert.

The unidentified woman in her 50s was refused access because she did not have a valid ticket, a source close to the enquiry said.

The threat was reportedly made about 10 minutes before the flight was due to take off.

One passenger, James Anderson, said a direct threat had been made against the airport.

“On British Airways flight BA0303, currently being held on tarmac at Paris due to security threat, surrounded by police and fire vehicles,” James Anderson tweeted.

“Apparently an individual has made a direct threat to this aircraft. We will all be led off the aircraft & baggage searched in due course.”

The Airbus A320 was searched by armed police and later allowed to take off to London Heathrow Airport.

Following the alleged security threat, a female British Airways spokesman confirmed the evacuation, saying it was for a security reason.

She said the safety and security of customers and crew is always top priority.

She added: “Additional security checks are being carried out as a precaution.

“We would never operate a flight unless it is safe to do so.”

The security alert comes amid heightened tensions in the UK in the wake of the failed bomb plot on a London Underground train at Parsons Green on Friday. Intelligence chiefs raised the threat level to critical meaning that a second attack could be imminent.

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