Dozens injured as commuter train crashes into buffers in Barcelona station

A damaged commuter train is seen after it crashed into buffers in station at Barcelona, Spain.

A commuter train crashed into a buffer in Barcelona’s Francia terminus on Friday morning, injuring at least 54 people, one of them seriously, emergency services said on Friday.

The force of the crash crumpled the front of the train against the buffer and detached a sheet of metal.

Twenty of the injured, including the driver, were taken to hospital, emergency services said, while paramedics treated others on stretchers on the platform.

Many of the passengers were already standing, ready to get off, when the train crashed, the newspaper La Vanguardia reported.

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The train was coming from the village of Sant Vicenc de Calders in the province of Tarragona on the R2 line of the Rodalies commuter rail service, emergency services said.

Politicians including the Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, and Barcelona’s mayor, Ada Colau, visited the scene shortly after the crash. Both tweeted their thanks to the emergency services.

Josep Rull, the Catalan minister for territory and sustainability, said he had spoken to the driver who was in shock, but said things would have been far worse had the train not been coming into the station at low speed.

The state-run railway company Adif said an investigation had been opened.

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