Video: Africa Today Show Episode 139 by Foxy P

New video by US Based Nigerian Comedian Foxy P on his weekly Africa Today Show program Episode 139 – Has Religion Helped or Hurt Africa.

On this episode Foxy P discusses the effect of Christianity and Islam on Africa. A truly insightful and thought provoking episode on The Africa Today Show, the best thing invented since fried plantain.

The Africa Today Show is a weekly comedy news feature dedicated to current events in Africa from a toutish perspective hosted by comedian Foxy P.

Foxy P is a standup comedian living in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. In 2012, he made history as the first African born comedian to perform at the prestigious Ivy League universities Princeton and Yale. Foxy P draws on his experiences as a young African immigrant in America to tell his story though comedy. He is also the founder of the biggest African comedy tour in America – African Princes of Comedy Tour, that has performed to sold out audiences in major American cities including Houston, NYC and Hollywood California. Follow comedian Foxy P on Twitter and Instagram.

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