Nancy Keshy & Dorcas Paul Emerge As Face Of VL Magazine 2017 Winners


Face Of VL Magazine 2017 kicked off exactly one month ago and after 3 rounds of voting online the 7 finalists were told to do a video and written presentation to judge the winners.

In the end, Nancy Keshy and Dorcas Paul gave the best presentations and were officially declared winners of the pageant. 

The winners of this pageant would receive the cash prize of 100 thousand Naira and incentives worth over 2 million naira.

Congratulations to them!

Below are the list of winners:

1. Nancy Keshy (Face Of VL Africa World) – Overall winner 

1b. Dorcas Paul (Face Of VL Africa Tourism) – Joint winner/2nd winner

2. Aranaka Sussan (Miss Photogenic Africa) – 1st Runner Up.

3. Benthos Sophie (Miss Culture Africa) – 2nd runner up

Photo: Nancy Keshy, Face of VL Africa World 2017
Photo: Dorcas Paul, Face of VL Africa Tourism 2017

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