Empower Borno: IDPs implore the world for aid and empowerment

For over seven years, the Boko Haram sect has continually terrorized majority of the Northeastern part of Nigeria. The insurgency hit Borno State, which was the bedrock of the sect, leaving it in ruins. This has led to the loss of an estimate of 25,000 lives while displacing over 3 million persons; 70% of whom are women, children or youths.

In a bid to aid the IDPs, the Borno State Executive council, Commissioners, Deputy Governor and Execuitve Governor sat at a roundtable with the executives of the world’s largest entrepreneurship organisation; Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E) to deliberate on possible engagements that can be employed to boost the and restore the livelihood of the IDPs.

This led to the birth of a movement called Empower Borno. The movement was birthed as an initiative to rally global aid for the IDPs in Borno State. These individuals require humanitarian assistance, psychological reintegration and economic empowerment to prepare them to practice and acquire new skills for basic survival. The innocence of children, vibrant youth and adults of workable age have been driven to the lowest ebb thereby resulting in malnutrition, orphans, unemployable people, industries loss and many others.

The IDPs, in a plea for aid, were involved in the shooting of a musical video in which they implored the world to come to their aid in restoring their lives to a normal level by providing relief materials and empowerment for them.

Empower Borno also enjoins everyone to join the campaign, you can support the project in the ways below:
CREATE AWARENESS: Take a picture with a placard with the inscription #EmpowerBorno and tag @EmpowerBorno on Instagram and Twitter. Also, enjoin family and friends to reshare and participate.
GIVE: Contribute relief materials that can be sent to the Internally Displaced Camps to cater for families that have no source of livelihood, malnousihed children, teenage pregnant girls, traumatised adults, these includes; books, working equipments and tools, medication, clothes etc. To donate, click HERE.
VOLUNTEER: Utising your professional skills by donating hours of your time to the project. To become a volunteer, click HERE.

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Empower Borno is endorsed by the Borno State Government. To partner with this cause call 080 600 40 620 or email support@empowerborno.com

For more information visit: http://www.empowerborno.com or follow EmpowerBorno on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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