Press Release Of MuvinBox over failed January 5th Kickoff

MuvinBox is an innovation to revolutionize the advertising industry to the benefits of car owners across the globe.

Kicking off in Nigeria, a country besiege by economic crises, unemployment, companies mass layoff which as contribute to the crumbling economy to the once giant of Africa (which we hope will remain).

MuvinBox aim to partner with the car owners in Nigeria to use their blank rear windscreen as advert space and reward them with financial incentives and all other major crises easing incentive (fuel and others) also the process is designed to engage the Universities, Polytechnic and other tertiary institutions Undergraduate as planters who will represent the company with the car owners and in-turn be rewarded with cash incentive to reduce pressure on parents and educational needs
MuvinBox Ad
MuvinBox, an initiative of a 19 year old advertising student, Abiola Ewuola of Adekunle Ajasin University have been struggling to meet the license monetary request of Industries due to lack of external funding, grants and other monetary help which has delayed the kicking off the life changing and economic impact project.

It will be need to note that, despite the Federal Government call for startups to save the recess hit country of ours, the body have done little to ease the mode of getting started for many economic changing startups such as the License rate, operation levy which are gigantic for startups to cover. We plead to the federal government to declare a Federal Emergency in all Industries, in other to accommodate more local producing and innovative companies which will lead the country out of it’s present economic mess
MuvinBox Banner
We are using this medium to reach out to Investors and Advertising Industry Influencers, Philanthropists and NGO’s to extend their generous hands to us, to keep our hopes alive as a startup and young group looking to make impact in the economy.

We are also using this medium to plead to our prospective partners (car owners, advertisers) to be patient with us, and we are assuring them of the best when we kickoff our operation.

Thank You!


Twitter: @muvinbox

Instagram: @muvinbox

Abiola Ewuola

Founder / CEO

Tel: +2348102345751


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