World Boxing Champion, Terence Crawford sentenced to 90 days imprisonment


World Boxing Champion, Terence Crawford has received a 90-day jail sentence and two years probation.

He was sentenced after being found guilty for disorderly conduct and damage to property at an Omaha body shop back in April where his car was being resprayed.

Crawford’s attorney, Matthew Kahler, plans on appealing the sentence, noting that it’s a severe punishment for two misdemeanors.

“This is his first and only adult conviction of any significance, and for crimes of disorderly conduct and property damage it’s an abnormally high sentence,” Kahler said. “It’s the most significant sentence I’ve seen from that judge for those charges.”

The sentence stems from an incident where Crawford was having his car painted and was unhappy with how long the job was taking. After being told he could not get the car back until he paid the remaining balance owed for the job, Crawford and the people with him lowered the car off of the lift and hauled the car away with a rope, doing damage to the lift by leaving it on and melting the pump.

The sentencing comes five days after he defeated John Molina Jr. to retain his WBC and WBO world super-lightweight titles.

During Thursday’s sentencing, Judge Marcena Hendrix told Crawford: “You’ve continued to act as if you are above the law, and you are not”.

He is expected to serve about 50 days under Nebraska’s sentencing guidelines.

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