Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) warn Nigerians about impending dust outbreak

The Nigerian Meteorological agency (NIMET), on Friday, alerted Nigerians on outbreak of dust in some part of the country in the next two days.

The agency in a statement cautioned Nigeria to be alert and prepared for the impending outbreak in particularly in the North-East zones.

According to NIMET, “Occasional outbreak of dust which will reduce horizontal visibility significantly to 1000m and below in some places was predicted.”

“Current reports of visibility values across the country is good, however, deterioration is expected to set in beginning from areas in the far northern parts of the country over the next twenty four to forty-eight hours.”

“In the course of monitoring the weather situation in and outside Nigeria, NiMet has observed that in the past 24hours dust has been raised over the source regions in Niger/Chad republic which will be transported by northeast trade winds into and across the country. Visibility as low as 100m were reported by some stations in the Niger republic.”

The statement also stated that the expected increase in concentration of the dust particles would lead to colder and drier atmosphere as well as increase in incidences of respiratory disorder.

It further read, “There is prospect of fresh dust plumes being raised in the coming days, with its attendant consequences as indicated in the earlier press release.

NiMet however, assured of its continuous monitoring of the weather and climate conditions as they unfold and provide regular updates and advisories to the general public.

Prior to the recent warning, the agency had towards the end of October 2016 issued an advisory forecast for dust outbreaks to affect the country during the December to February dry season period while the weather condition compels airlines to delay or cancel scheduled flights whenever horizontal visibility falls below the stipulated minima.

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