Two dead as car park collapse in Tel Aviv, Israel


A Tel Aviv parking garage collapsed Monday, killing at least two people and injuring about 20 others, officials said.

Hours after the collapse, as many as seven people were still trapped in the debris, Israeli emergency services said.

The four-story, underground parking garage was still under construction when it collapsed in a high-tech area of northern Tel Aviv. The upper three floors imploded; it’s unclear how many people may be trapped on the lowest floor, believed to be about 50 feet underground.

Israel’s Haaretz newspaper quoted a fire service spokesman as saying there were “people buried beneath the sand”.

Dozens of firefighters, rescue and security services were dispatched to the site to help the injured and search for those feared missing.

As rescue teams tried to find trapped construction workers, authorities feared another collapse of the incomplete, unstable structure.

Reports say an initial collapse caused a crane to fall, bringing down more of the multi-storey building.

At least 20 people have been treated for injuries.

The incident happened in Ramat Hahayil, a commercial area in the city’s north, home to many high-tech businesses.


Pictures from the scene show clouds of dust rising from a huge crater, with large amounts of debris at the bottom.

Police have moved people away from the area, fearing other parts of the building might also collapse.

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