Imo NLC to protest three working days policy


The Imo branch of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) have made plans to stage a protest on Tuesday, 23 August.

The protest will commence from the Imo State Secretariat and will continue till the protesters get to Douglas House, which is the Imo State Government house. The protest would be held in a bid to rally against the approval of the three working days-a week policy of the present Imo State administration.

Citing a source, who pleaded anonymity, “The Government recently approved a policy of three working days-a week in which workers go to work from Monday to Wednesday and according use the remainder of the week to farm and trade.

The source also lamented that the policy would be applicable to only lower level workers, as top government have been exempted from the policy.

According to the source, “They said that all the policy does not apply to the relevant offices. We are yet to know which offices are irrelevant.”

Civil servants in the state have been owed salaries for months. To add to that, when they were eventually to begin receipt of arrears salaries, the percent which the government agreed to disburse to them was 70%.
The pensioners have not been left out in the sufferings as they have not received their pension allowances for months.

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