Exclusive interview with upcoming O’Town musical talent, Stanzyy


Since the release of his debut single “Hustle”, the young and versatile Owerri city musical sensation, Stanzyy, has been fast on the rise.

Earmarked to be one of the next big things to happen to the Nigerian music industry, his singles has been causing much waves in the industry.
He has also gotten lots of love and support from fans around  the globe.

He recently dropped a single “Iyawo Mi” which he dedicated to his female fans for their heartwarming love and support towards him.

In this exclusive interview, Stanzyy talks about his life and discusses his diversity and other stuff concerning his musical career.

Excerpts from the interview…

Good day Mr. Stanzyy. Can you please tell us about yourself?
My names are Stanley Louis Chinemezu. I am from Imo State, Nwangele L.G.A, Amaigbo to be precise. I am the last son & child of my parents in a family of six. I am a Maths/Statistics Student of the prestigious Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri

That’s nice Mr. Stanzyy. If I may ask, what really led you into music?
‬(laughs) One thing led to another….. During my secondary schools days, my classmates usually asked me to sing for them while they made beats with sticks on our desks because they found out that I was so good in miming superstars’ songs especially 2face, Psquare and Flavour. Then I realised at that very tender age that I had great passion for the kind of music those three make. So I grew up wanting to follow the same root.

So you’ve been doing music since your secondary school days?
Yeah. Actually I recorded my first ever song at the tender age of 14 while in SS1. “Ije Love” was the title. As at that time, the song was loved in my school and the streets especially amongst the ladies

Wow. It’s nice knowing you started music at a very tender age. So why did you opt to study Maths/Statistics rather than Music, even when it was a known fact that you had a calling in Music?
(giggles) Well, in as much as I have always had endless passion for music, I have also got passion for sciences.

So you’re saying you’re good in mathematics and sciences?
(laughs) Yes.. I am okay “but I no ready to solve maths here now oo”

Alright. Enough with your personal life. How has the journey in the music industry been so far?
Aah my brother! It has not been easy at all.. The story so far has been full of ups and downs. But so far so good, God has been elevating me

Good to know. What challenges have you faced so far?
A lot. Like I said, I have never had anything on a platter of gold. I could vividly remember when I was with my first label, I kept recording songs but it wasn’t being pushed out, instead when we went for shows, I was been forced to perform songs from other fellow artiste. This hurt me & I never did that, which also forced me to exit the label and work for myself. Now here I am

That’s quite unfair. Are you signed to any label at the moment?
No, Sir. I am not, for now

Okay. Your debut single, Hustle, into the music industry was a massive hit. What inspired that song?
Well, it is simple. Hustle was inspired by the challenges I have faced and I’m still facing, so I wanted to use the song to encourage myself and my fellow hustlers in any field at all. That was what inspired “Hustle”. Even in the last verse, I said something like “Even the best was once like you” and that is the truth because even my role model 2face was once like me

You just declared that Nigerian musical legend, 2face Idibia is your role model. Why is that?
Yes, he is… Because right from when I was a kid, I have always admired his style of music, he does exactly what I call music, he is intelligent, he is musical and I believe a lot of artistes, both big and small, look up to him because of what he has done in the industry

That’s right. Mr Stanzyy, you dropped a new single last night. Can you tell us more about it?
Yeah, I dropped a single titled “Iyawo Mi” last night just to surprise my fans. Ever since I dropped “Nwa Amaka” it has been up and up and up. They have been so supportive and I love them so much for making Nwa Amaka a hit

There must be a lot of love and support from the female fans because if we recall correctly, Nwa Amaka was a song to show love and appreciation to your female fans
Yeah. “Nwa Amaka” was for every beautiful and endowed Igbo lady. Thank God it was a success. The love from them have been great so far, so they should be expecting a video for “Nwa Amaka” soon

Nice. Speaking of videos, have you shot any video for any of your songs?
Not yet, but Nwa Amaka visuals should be ready anytime soon. Plans for that are already underway

There have been high speculations about your next single, Badda. Many call it a dope club banger. What do you have to say about it?
Yeah. Honestly, I recorded Badda After I did Nwa Amaka. Some of my fans still have this doubt of me being able to record a Dancehall or Club song so I had to link up with Callyfactory to make Badda which I am sure will clear any doubt of me adapting to the trend in the industry. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am sticking to my brand

Speaking of diversification, what genre of music do you exactly fall under?
Well, I will say I do High-life, Afropop and RnB

That’s good to know. Earlier on you talked about stage performances, about how many performance invite do you get in a month?
Well, ever since I dropped Nwa Amaka, I have been getting varieties of shows especially in Owerri, but that doesn’t mean we have arrived. We are just getting started because the industry does not end in Owerri

So how do you combine these shows with your academics?
Well, it has not been easy at all. Honestly speaking, it affects my academics in a way, but I thank God for giving me a good academic brain, so I am coping and I am grateful

Alright. You make reference to the city of Owerri a lot. Can you tell us why?
(laughs) Funny but true though. Anyway, I can say Owerri has given me and is still giving me a lot. That is where I am based, also where I am schooling, so I have to rep my city

Asides the musical legend, 2face Idibia, are there other artistes in the music industry who you see as role models?
Yeah. Psquare and Flavour

Just those two?
So many of them, too numerous to mention. Every top artiste has played a huge role, but those three influenced me a lot

On a personal perspective, do you think you can compete with Wizkid, Davido and other big names in the industry?
It is a challenge and all my hardwork so far makes me feel ready for it. Honestly, I respect all those superstars, but I am not afraid of them

That’s great. So what date should your fans expect to dance to Badda?
Badda will drop on the 28th of May

So tell us, has your grassroot fame and career success changed you in any way?
Not in anyway. My friends at school are still my friends and we still hang out together. But please I haven’t achieved any much fame yet and when I do, which I know I will, it is not gonna change me

Nice. What is your advice to other upcoming music artistes like yourself?
Well, my advice to other upcoming artistes out there is “Don’t stop working on yourself to get even better. Most importantly, believe in yourself because you don’t expect people to believe In you when you don’t believe in yourself

Thank you, Mr. Stanzyy for the interview. It was nice having you.
Thanks and God bless.

That was it with the Hustle crooner, Stanzyy. To all his fans, don’t forget to save the date 28th May as the club banger Badda is set to drop and get y’all on your feet.

To connect Stanzyy on social media,
Twitter/IG: IamStanzyy
Facebook: Stanley Stanzyy Louis

6 thoughts on “Exclusive interview with upcoming O’Town musical talent, Stanzyy

  1. Nice and splendid one bro, keep the fire burning cos I know you are heading to a big mind blowing and suprising greatness, cos great things usually start Small, and small things also becomes great, keep it up an keep ahead, you will get there i promise an assure you geting there. We the entire department of maths an statistics students wishes you a greater future ahead…………


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