Glo X-Factor contestants, DNA Twins kidnapped


Blair and Clinton Roberts, aka DNA Twins, who both participated in the Glo X-factor competition have been kidnapped.

The twins, 20, were taken on their way to Lagos from Abuja where they had been staying with their mother.

The kidnap occurred about two and half hours after the journey began, when the bus was reportedly stopped by men dressed in army uniforms.

It was after the bus driver had parked the bus that it was realised that the men were indeed not what they portrayed themselves as.

The men hit the driver, shot at the bus windscreen as a show of intent, ordered the passengers to all alight and proceeded to rob every passenger in the bus, and afterwards ordered them to run into the bus.

After all the passengers all returned to the bus, it was discovered that the twins did not return, and, according to reports, the efforts of the other passengers to get them back was in vain.
They have not been seen or heard from since then.

The kidnappers however called their father on the phone and demanded for a N6million ransom, which was later increased to N10million.
They further threatened that if the sum wasn’t paid by today they would kill the boys.

In the aftermath of the kidnap, MI Abaga, who is a judge on the X-factor competition, has pleaded for their return with a tweet, wherein he used the hashtag #SaveDNA.

It is reported that one of the boys is asthmatic and did not travel with his inhaler, a cause for more alarm to the twins’ mother.

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