American singer, Prince gets hospitalized


American singer, Prince has been rushed to hospital, with his private jet making an emergency landing at Moline, Illinois an hour after a concert, in Atlanta, on Friday.

A spokesman for the 57-year old singer later reportedly said he was back home after spending three hours in the hospital.

Prince, who had been forced to cancel two concerts after suffering from flu for “several weeks”, had pressed ahead with the Atlanta performance on Thursday night, but complained of feeling unwell afterwards.

According to TMZ, initial reports had been contradictory with one source saying that he was “not doing well”, while another played down any health concerns.

The star has had a punishing schedule.

His “piano and a microphone tour” this year included 10 performances in Australia and New Zealand in February.

Since then he has been touring in the US even though he was mourning the death of one of his protégées, Denise Matthews-Smith.

Known as Vanity, she died of kidney failure in Fremont, California in February and the loss reportedly hit Prince hard, with the singer hearing the news while on tour in Australia.

Prince’s musical career started in the mid-1970s.

By the 1980s he was a major star, with his 1984 album Purple Rain selling more than 13 million copies in the US alone and topping the Billboard chart for 24 weeks.

Since then his career has verged on the surreal.

In 1993, he ditched the name Prince, referring to himself as the “artist formerly known as Prince”. He reverted to the moniker Prince in 2000, but his reputation for eccentricity and flamboyance remained undiminished.

In 2010 he refused to allow his latest album 20Ten to be sold digitally, confining its release to DC, having declared the internet “dead”.

Two years ago he settled a long running dispute with Warner Bros records, agreeing to release two new albums.

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