Shooting spree in east London leaves teenage girl injured


Police are hunting a gunman who opened fire on a passing car in a trendy street off Brick Lane, injuring a teenage girl.

The terrified driver sped from the scene of the attack in Cheshire Street and pulled up outside Bethnal Green police station, a mile away in Victoria Park Square, which was put in lockdown after the pair dashed inside.

Officers gave the 13-year-old girl first aid before she was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Witnesses described dramatic scenes as armed police “swarmed” outside the station and surrounding streets were sealed off in the hunt for the attacker.


Forensic experts were seen marking off an apparent bullet hole in the back of the 23-year-old driver’s battered Mitsubishi Colt.

“He drove up the one-way street the wrong way, they jumped out and ran into the police station. Seconds later there were about a dozen police surrounding the car and the whole area was taped off,” a witness told a London tabloid.

Charity worker Sarah Woolley, 28, said: “A man was speaking with officers outside the station – pointing to a car and then down the road. Then a big rush of police officers came outside and armed officers swarmed.

“The car was dented on its side and there was a big dark puddle underneath the car. They were all peering in the back window of the car and pointing at something.”

A 31-year-old neighbour said: “When you live close to a police station you expect to hear people’s problems but not like this, nothing has ever happened like this before.”

A Met spokesman said: “At approximately 5.50pm last night a man attended Bethnal Green police station to report that a firearm had been discharged in the direction of his car.

“Detectives from the Trident and Area Crime Command are investigating the incident and there have been no arrests.”

Cheshire Street is a trendy backstreet of boutiques, pubs and apartments off Brick Lane and houses the Carpenters Arms pub, once the haunt of the notorious Kray twins.

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