Between Nigerian Musicians and Bloggers

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I must say with dismay the way some celebrities handles and addresses issues that has to do with bloggers is not fair.

Whenever the ‘Blogger’ is mentioned in Nigeria, the image of a blood-thirsty vampire is painted in the mind of the masses. A lot of people often time do not take their time to understand functions and uses of these bloggers. They rather dwell on the fake and misconstrued image that is being painted. Well, negativity sells, so we are not surprise when people choose to believe what they hear without investigating.

Because according to the popular saying “ he that pays the piper detects the tune” those saboteur prefer to have stories fatted and polished. So when real bloggers and truth seekers decided to report the events the way it happened. They call S.O.S.

Judging from the last general elections we can all see the role bloggers played in the monitoring of the elections, which helped to curb rigging in immeasurable ways.

Whereby every Nigerian on that fateful day became a blogger, even those who don’t own a website and have no blogging experience decided that they won’t be left out. They put their social networking accounts to use.

Many a time I have heard people referring to bloggers as ‘jobless people who don’t have anything meaningful to do with their lives’. Well you all will agree with me that blogging has given an average Nigerian youth the opportunity to express himself without chauvinism.

Blogging took most youths off the streets, it provided them with the opportunity of earning a meaningful and legitimate livelihood without having to carry arms for politicians. It created a world that only geniuses like them understand; if you don’t come close you will see what you see from afar. So next time before you insult a blogger, think twice.

Now lets talk about the recent rift in the blogging and music industry; the rate at which entertainers are throwing shades at bloggers is very disturbing. The truth of the issue is without the bloggers many of these celebrities won’t be popular as they are today. Most of them will remain unknown and their songs will only be listened to by them and their close relatives.

I have three questions for them (celebrities):
•How many of them pay for online promo?
•How many of them know how to even upload songs on the net?
•How many of them can even sit down and write an article?
I will be waiting for answers!

When an artist releases a track every blogger clamour to have that song to upload on his/her site. Not only do they upload it, they make a follow-up hyping on Twitter and Facebook.  
To top it all they wont even get a retweet, mention or followback from that artist.
What is wrong in showing appreciation?
Money no be madness!

Photo(L-R): Nigerian music act, Wizkid and top blogger, Linda Ikeji

LindaIkejiBlog (LIB) gets averagely 10k views per day and she is a world class blogger (no doubts).
I don’t get why she is the center of attack?
From Wizkid to Praiz and now Donjazzy?

I remember vividly the first day I read about the ‘Access Mavin Concert’ it was on LindaIkejiBlog(LIB).
From day one she has used her platform to support every artist in this country from the upcoming, to the made, and to the outgoing.
Linda has been there all the way. Attacks on her business or personality is totally unfair not only to her but to all Nigeria Bloggers.

Its high time for musicians to start according bloggers the respect they deserve.

Abubakar Sardeeq
Member, Bloggers Association of Nigeria (B.A.N)

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