Former West Ham and Swansea defender, Izzy Iriekpen sentenced to three years imprisonment

Photo(L-R): Izzy Iriekpen and Williams Simon

Former West Ham defender Izzy Iriekpen has been sentenced to three years in jail for using glass on the neck of a bouncer.

On the night of Friday, July 4, 2014, outside a Notting Hill club, Iriekpen severed three arteries in 61-year-old Simon Williams’ neck in a row over a black Porsche.

Williams who is a bouncer had approached the former defender for passing the barrier around the pub with a drink in his hand.

Iriekpen was waiting for a friend who drove up in a Porsche and the bouncer asked the driver to move her car because it was blocking the pavement.

The court was told that the former defender began to act aggressively, grabbing the throat of the bouncer before smashing a glass which he used on him.

Williams, the bouncer, who is a martial arts expert and has black belts in judo and karate, needed emergency surgery and had to have 61 stitches to sew up 14 inches of lacerations from his temple to his shoulder to prevent him from bleeding to death.

Iriekpen, who played at Swansea claimed he was acting in self defence and that he forgot he had the glass in his hand.

His claim could however not convince the Judge Michael Brompton , QC who sentenced him to three years imprisonment.

Iriekpen joined West Ham United as a trainee in August 1998 and was part of West Ham’s Youth Cup winning team of 1999 that included the likes of Michael Carrick and Joe Cole .

After leaving West Ham, Iriekpen joined Swansea where he scored seven goals in 123 appearances and won promotion from League Two and the Football League Trophy.

During his time there, Iriekpen was cautioned by police for a public order offence after swinging his belt at Cardiff fans who had abused him in a pub.

He has also been cautioned for spitting on a man he claims racially abused him and in 2011 was convicted for possession of a dangerous dog.

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