Italian police capture two Mafia bosses in bunker


Police have arrested two top mafia bosses who were hiding in a camouflaged bunker.
After eluding capture for years, the two Mafia bosses were arrested in an underground bunker in southern Italy.

Giuseppe Ferraro, 47, had been on the run since 1998, and Giuseppe Crea, 37, since 2006. Vegetation concealed their mountain hideout in Reggio Calabria.

Ferraro was found guilty of murder and Mafia association decades ago, and had been a fugitive since 1998.
Crea was convicted of Mafia association and had been on the run for nine years, according to the Italian news agency, Ansa.

Various weapons, including rifles, pistols and machine guns, were seized in the small bunker, which also had cooking equipment and electricity.

The police raid took place near the town of Maropati.


The two men are part of ‘Ndrangheta, a dangerous criminal organization that has tentacles worldwide. The group is based in Calabria, where the two men were arrested.
‘Ndrangheta’s power has grown beyond Italian borders. It controls much of the world’s cocaine trade.

The ‘Ndrangheta was formed in the 1860s, and is involved in kidnappings, corruption, drug trafficking, gambling and murders, according to the FBI.
It has between 100-200 members in the United States, mostly in New York and Florida.

Two years ago, Italian officials said the group is linked to drug trafficking in South and Central America, Canada and the United States.

Last year Italian police seized several billion euros’ worth of ‘Ndrangheta assets.

The pair were “living like animals… cut off from society”, according to prosecutor Federico Cafiero De Raho, quoted by the AFP news agency. But they were still controlling other gang members from the bunker, he said.

“Today is another great day for everyone and for the country because justice has won,” Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said after their arrest.

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