13 dead as tour boat capsize off Nicaragua coast


A tour boat capsized off the coast
of Nicaragua, killing at least 13
people and leaving more
passengers missing, officials said.

The boat was carrying 32 people —
25 Costa Ricans, four Americans
and three Nicaraguans, Costa
Rica’s foreign ministry said.

The 13 dead were all Costa Rican,
the foreign ministry said, citing the
Nicaraguan foreign ministry.

The boat, traveling between
Nicaragua’s Big Corn Island and
Little Corn Island, flipped over
Saturday near the larger island,
Nicaragua’s state-run El 19 Digital
news agency said.

Some passengers remain missing,
the Costa Rican foreign ministry
said, but did not specify how

El 19 Digital said an unspecified
number of people were rescued,
including the tour boat’s owner,
Hilario Blandon.

Nicaraguan naval authorities had
banned sea travel in the area due
to bad weather and strong winds,
but the tour boat proceeded
anyway, the state-run news agency

Blandon, the boat’s owner, has
been detained by Nicaraguan
authorities, the agency said.

Costa Rica’s foreign ministry said
the search continues for the
missing passengers.

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