Online manipulation and abnormalities caused my loss of the Enenaija singer of the year award- Radioman Africa


Elochukwu Ekwugha a.k.a Radioman Africa

The embattled afritune inventor and singer Elochukwu Ekwugha profoundly called Radioman Africa spoke on his loss of the Enenaija best singer of the year award.
The crooner of No Be My Fault when contacted by our press crew, after the result of the online voting had been released, spoke on his encounter, experiences, pains and joy.

He said, “I saw the award nomination broadcast on social media during Christmas celebration. All I can say is that the voting were scheduled to start from 27th December last year to end on 13th February 2016.
Due to numerous shows engagements, I could not access the award details until on January 5th, when I saw a broadcast by my friend Dj Brytos asking me to vote for him. I logged in the site to vote. There I saw my name among the nominees of best singer of the year. I was surprised as I did not know that my fans nominated me. Already, I had gotten 11votes while the leading contestants were at 34 and 28 votes respectively. So, I started canvassing for votes from my fans, which they solidly delivered, as  I moved from 4th to 3rd, from 3rd  to 2nd and later to 1st position before another  contestant topped me with some votes.

He continued, “I must thank all my fans for their wonderful love, time, megabyte spent while voting for me at Enenaija award. I scored 308 to be the 2nd runner up while the leading contestant Yung Legacy turned to be the 1st runner up with 399 votes while Whity Bindex scored 563 vote to emerge the winner.

Although I did not make it but through this contest I discovered whom am i and where I am heading to. I could not have attained this level without my fans standing by my side.

He lamented several elements of irregularities and manipulations in the voting system which he listed as follows:

1. The voting was scheduled from 27th December 2015 to February 13th 2016 but on January 12th I got an alert that the voting will closed on Friday January 15th 2016.

2. I woke up on Wednesday morning January 12th 2016 to discovered that the voting had been closed.

3. I recalled on Tuesday night by 10.22pm, I viewed the votes results, and I had 301 votes at 26% while the leading guy  Young Legacy scored 369 votes at 31% while the now winner scored 153 votes at 13%

4. Viewing the result on that Wednesday morning, I noticed that my votes were at 308 reducing to 17%. The former leading guy Young Legacy scored 399 reducing to 22% while the guy with 153 vote at 13% increased to 563 votes at 31%. It looks like there was online dashboard manipulation.

4. I observed that the winner got 410 votes within 2hrs and 8mins.

He, however, went further to express his joy, optimistic and spirit of sportsmanship.

He said, “To you who voted me, I say thank you. To you who broadcasted the voting post and link, I say thank you. To you that comment #Radioman_Africa, i say thank you.”

“I say a big congratulation to the winner Whity Bindex.
To #Dj_Mosco the CEO of i appreciate your platform.”

“I say a big thanks and I pray that God’s favour, blessing and connection will locate you in Jesus name. Amen.”

“I believe in myself while I trust in God for better days ahead of me.”

Elochukwu Ekwugha (Radioman Africa)
Artiste/ Admin

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