Nigerian Meritorious Awards! Nigerian Meritorious Awards!! Nigerian Meritorious Awards!!!


The Nigerian Meritorious Awards is designed to reward hard work, creativity and ingenuity amongst a varying class of Nigerians in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. Nigeria is a land of opportunities, mineral resources but most importantly a rich pool of Human resources. In every country the most important resources available for development and growth is the wealth of human resources in the country. 

This fact is made peculiar in a country like ours where other factors apart from the human resources militant against the progress and development of the country. In the absence of encouraging factors several Nigerians in Nigeria and in the Diaspora have shown  a great commitment to brave the storm of profound difficulties and impact positively in any sector they find themselves. It is very pertinent to reward and motivate this set of people who embody what Nigerians stand for.
The NIGMAWARDS is conceived towards this purpose.

 The NIGMAWARDS is distinct and different from hordes of Awards that litter the landscape of the country. This is because from the nomination process to the selection of eventual winners is a stringent and very transparent process. It also includes a wide variety of categories that allows relatively unknown Nigerians who have showed a knack for hardwork, creativity and an indescribable wow factor to win  a deserved recognition for their work. 

The NIGMAWARDS  also encompasses the different groups and class of Nigerians ranging from the youths, the business and industrial class, the core professional class , the artistic class and every other class or group that  Nigerians excel in. Infact it is a mother of other awards and provides an interactive platform for these different classes of Nigerians providing a much needed link between these diverse groups of Nigerians who have one thing in common ; Excellence.

The Organisers of the NIIGMAWARDS have made it a priority that the Awards preserves a Good Name and hereby uses this medium to make it plain to the general public as stated above that every process leading to the selection would be credible and transparent.

There are four major arm of the Nigerian meritorious awards. The Youth Awards, The Entertainment Awards, Notable Nigerians Awards And Nigma National Competitions. 

• The Youth Awards is mainly for students and youths that are outstanding in different fields. This involve selection of nominees for different categories from institutions across the nation. Nigma intra-school awards will be done in many schools to select the students that will be representing each school at the Nigma National Inter-school Awards. 
The Intra-School Awards will involve participation of students from all faculties in different schools. In which winners will be selected after an online voting which follows by an award night in the school.

• The Nigma Entertainment Awards is for notable Nigerians in the entertainment industry, music, movie, dance, comedy, modeling, Radio and TV hosts among others.

• Nigma Notable Nigerians Awards are for outstanding Nigerians both home and in the diaspora who in one way or the other is making Nigeria proud of his or her success.

• Nigma competition include; Nigma theme song competition, Essay writing competition, Nigma poem competition, Mr and Miss Nigma and art/photography competition. 

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Details concerning the different categories available on the NIGMAWARDS website

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