There will be full moon on Christmas for the first time in decades


For the first time in decades, a
full moon will light up the sky on Christmas Day.
December’s moon, nicknamed the “cold moon” or “long nights moon” will reach its peak size at 6:11
a.m. on Dec. 25 , according to Fred Espenak, an eclipse and moon expert with NASA’s Goddard
Space Flight Center.

The Weather Channel reports that it’s the first full moon on Christmas Day since 1977. This won’t
happen again until 2034.

For those in the United State, the moon will be best viewed on Christmas Eve while those in the U.K. will see it best on Christmas Day.
For those in Nigeria, and West Africa, the moon will also be best viewed on Christmas Day.

Find out when the Christmas moon will be fullest in your area at

The Mother Nature Network tweeted about the Christmas full moon.

1st full moon on Christmas in
almost 40 years! #ComingSoon
— MotherNatureNetwork
(@MotherNatureNet) December 10,


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