Four arrested over shooting of protest group in Minneapolis


Four men have been charged in a shooting outside a Minneapolis police station that left five protesters wounded.

Police said the attackers – three white men and one Asian man – were racially motivated. The victims were black.

Protesters have been gathered since 25-year-old Jamar Clark was shot during a struggle with police
on 15 November.

People who claimed to witness the incident said that Clark was handcuffed, though police dispute this.

Around two dozen tents and canopy shelters have been erected around the 4th Precinct police station.

Demonstrators have also barricaded the roads with wood and pallets and lit campfires.

According to criminal complaints, the four men went to the camp on 23 November. After a group of
protesters attempted to escort them away, eight shots were heard.

The city’s mayor, Betsy Hodges, said the camp has become unsafe and has asked people to disband
their week-long protest.

These request have been rejected by protesters, who have vowed to continue camping out despite
cold weather and attacks. One of the shooting victims, Wesley Martin, said they refuse to leave.

“They can have the street. We can take the sidewalk,” said Martin. “To be honest, we’re not going nowhere.”

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