Armed robbers attack and snatch Nollywood actor, Dave Ogbeni’s car


The way robbers are going this days attacking people is perplexing and disheartening.  

Nollywood actor Dave Ogbeni has fallen prey to these hoodlums who have been terrorizing innocent citizens.
The actor was robbed of his car.

His narration of the incidence:
“At about 9.30pm I went to a saloon located opposite the presidential lodge to have a shave in preparation for 6 appointment  in benin on Friday morning.
I was barely seated while the barber name K.c was shaving me.

All of a sudden two boys came into the saloon. One light skinned with a white T shirt was holding a pump action Gun which looked like a black colour but scrapped to show d metal colour inside. The other boy with the pistol is dark in complexion. They pointed the gun at me and ordered me to lie down. I obeyed then he asked me to surrender my car key which I equally surrendered under durex. He asked for my phone and I told him the phone should be on d counter where d clippers were kept. When he didn’t find it he told me if I joke with him he was going to shoot me. He then asked for my handset again. I told him it should be in the car that am not too sure. All the while my head was still tucked against d floor. He dipped his hand inside my pocket and took the sum of twenty two thousand naira (N22,000,00). He also took the barber’s handset and wristwatch. Thereafter they zoomed off with my car with all the photo books I made for my clients, my drivers licence and my I.D card.
That night in order to alert the security operatives, I reported the incident at the control room at the police headquarters and at the A division.
It is in the same thought I have decided to report same to the media ”



Anyone who sees the car or has any information regarding the robbery should please report to any police station.

Just yesterday  Nollywood actor Ik Ogbonna’s wife, Sonia was attacked by hoodlums who robbed her while she was in a traffic gridlock.

The police should please station their men in traffic to prevent more occurrences of these robberies.

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