Six dead in Texas campsite attack; suspect in custody


Authorities are investigating two crime scenes and have a suspect in custody after six people were found dead in Anderson County, Texas.

Police were called on Sunday morning in response to a possible shooting at a campsite and found two bodies in a travel trailer, Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor said on Monday.

Police arrested a suspect, William Hudson, 33, and charged him with one count of murder, setting bond
at $2.5 million, Taylor said.

Authorities expect more charges as the investigation uncovers information.

Taylor said the bodies of three men and a boy were found on Monday in a pond behind Hudson’s house,
which is near the campsite.

A family spokesman on Tuesday identified the deceased as Tom Kamp and two of his sons,
Austin and Nathan; Kamp’s fiancee, Hannah Johnson; her 6-year-old son, Kade; and her father,

“They were good parents, good adults … good community members,” spokesman Steve Woodruff said of Kamp and his fiancee. “I think with time comes acceptance. There is no way you can steel yourself for this kind of tragedy.”

There is a surviving witness, a woman, the sheriff said. Woodruff said it was Cindy Johnson, who was married to Carl Johnson.

“She is doing OK (at a hospital),” Woodruff said. “It’s going to be a long process for her.”

Kamp bought the property in August and would camp there several weekends each month,
Woodruff said. This trip was supposed to last from Saturday to Sunday.

Anderson County is in east Texas between Dallas and Houston.


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