Two sharks attacks reported in Hawaii


Authorities in Hawaii have reported two shark attacks on the same day on the island of Oahu.

Honolulu Emergency Medical Services spokeswoman Shayne Enright says an attack happened on Saturday morning, when a 44-year-old man was swimming between the small island of
Mokulua and Lanikai Beach on the windward side of Oahu.

Enright said the victim was transported to a local hospital with extensive injuries to his feet.
She said he’s listed in critical condition.

In another incident off the popular tourist area of Waikiki, a 33-year-old man was attacked Saturday
News agency, KHON says he was bitten on the left foot and is hospitalized in serious condition.

On Saturday morning, the victim was swimming with another man about 50 to 100 yards off shore. Enright says several kayakers assisted in the rescue.

Witnesses said that they heard
someone in the water shouting “911” and waving a paddle.
Lanikai resident Mike Dilks and his friend Joey Montano told the affiliate they called police and helped pull the man out of the water.

“His injuries were pretty extreme, both legs, just above the ankle were just hanging on,” Montano
The men also said that the victim
was pale and unresponsive before Honolulu EMS arrived.

The species of shark involved in that attack was not identified by officials, but witnesses told KHNL it was a 7-foot tiger shark.


Hawaii is home to approximately 40 species of sharks. The tiger shark, which can reach up to 16
feet in length, has been called “the garbage can of the sea” because of its wide variety of prey, according to the state’s shark website.

A fact sheet from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the tiger shark is one of the top sharks involved in unprovoked fatal attacks throughout the world and is the leading attack species in Hawaii.

There have been three shark attacks off Oahu this month. Eight days ago a surfer lost part of his leg on the island’s North Shore.

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