North, South Korea to meet for peace talk


Following escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula, the two
Korean sides agreed to meet Saturday at the historic “truce
village” inside the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), South Korean officials said.

The high level talks will include, from the North, Kim Jong Un’s deputy, Hwang Byeong Seo and Kim Yang Gon, a veteran of South Korean negotiations since Kim’s father, Kim Jong-il ruled the secretive regime. South Korea’s Unification Minister Hong Yong-pyo and Kim Kwan-jin, the head of National Security, will also attend the meeting.

A South Korean presidential briefing stated that the North had specifically requested that the two
officials attended.

The announcement comes after 48 hours of threats and counter-threats, which saw a brief exchange of artillery fire Thursday.

The resort area of Imjingak in Paju city, only seven kilometers (4 miles) from the DMZ, which is usually open to tourists, appeared closed on Saturday.
An employee who was driving around to ensure that the resort was empty of tourists said that authorities were evacuating people from this area because there was a danger of bombing.

However, on a rare reporting of diplomatic talks with South Korea, North Korean state TV referred to
the South as the “Republic of Korea” and not with the propaganda term the “puppet state.”
South Korean TV broadcaster YTN re-broadcast the clip of North Korean TV using South Korea’s proper name.

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